Friday, January 25, 2019

Kinemaster Prime Apk Moded | 🔥New Theme and Features | ✅FREE Download Now

Do you want to remove that watermark in the left corner of your editing screen in kinemaster? Are you getting bored with that old theme of kine app? Want new features and free access to everything while editing videos on mobile. Today I'm going to introduce a very new concept i.e. kinemaster Prime Apk Mode which is completely free to download from our site. To get more on this topic keep scrolling.
prime images of kinemaster,kine master pro
A Prime Mode Of Kinemaster

Kinemaster Prime Apk Mode FREE Download

Kinemaster prime apk is the primary version of this android editing software. This is a highly customized application from kinemastermodapk. 

Is FREE download Available?
A Big YES😎!

Why use prime apk?

There are lots of reasons to use prime apk but few of them are really helpful for you guys. The best part is that this version is able to run on a low specs smartphone. I personally tested it on 256 MB ram smartphone. This app was working awesome but, due to low ram rendering speed was little slower than normal. Everything thing was working fine at slow speed. Think about the speed when you use this app with your 2 GB ram phone. This app is also updated with a new theme. Try this app for sure. Download links are below.
You will get free access to the official store of kine master app. This prime apk allows you to add thousands of images and media layers at a single screen. 
So, friends, these are some additional features which you will get in this version. Let's see some of its features.
Kine pro editon
Pro Editon

Silent Features of Kinemaster Prime Apk Mode

  1. All you can get is unlimited layers of video effects, overlays, stickers, png images, text, and hand-written contents.
  2. Ever heard of Kinemaster Asset store, you can get copyright free images effects songs and every item required for your editing.
  3. No frame drops now set your FPS at a fixed number. (like FPS @60)
  4. Select desired Hue, Adjust brightness and control saturation.
  5. Audio filters, including voice changer.
  6. Lots of animation styles to test your creativity.
  7. Speed control for video clips.
  8. Volume envelope scape (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a single clip).
  9. A new concept of Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more).
  10. A unique variety of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects are available in the prime version.
  11. Directly export or Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more.
  12. On spot Real-time video and audio recording.

Supported Formats📹

All Video formats: 

  • MP4 (H.265 Baseline/Ultra High Profile + AAC LC / PCM)
  • 3GP (H.265 Baseline/Ultra Profile + AAC LC / PCM)
  • MOV (H.265 Baseline/Ultra Profile + AAC LC / PCM) 

Available Audio formats in kinemaster:

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • AAC
  • WAV

Almost supports each and every Image formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • BMP
  • GIF(still image only)
Video format while Exporting:

  • MP4 with H.274 + AAC-LC (The H.264 high profile depends on the device specs)

Video Guide on Kinemaster Prime 

Hope Now your All doubts are cleared regarding this android software.

Download From Here

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