7 Leading features of Kinemaster Mod Apk | No 2 will shock you!!!

Some Hidden and Unknown Features of Kinemaster Mod Apk | Hello folks, hope you all are doing well. Today I came up with little different topic based on best android editing tool Kinemaster pro. I will disclose some unseen features of this software which many of you don't know. Actually, You need to know all of its features to make editing more manageable than before.
7 Leading features of pro apk

7 Hidden and Unknown Features of Kinemaster Mod Apk 

Here I have mentioned some of the leading features of Kinemaster Pro. They are as follows:


According to the author, This features is most loved and used by all android editors. But I bet that many of you don't know that chroma key is also available on Kinemaster. Chroma key is the ultimate feature of this software. 
Have you heard of background changing?  This is used to change the background of any video in just a click. Yes in just a click. No need to waste the time of selection and cutting. Everything is done automatically. But there is also a condition for that. Your video needs to be on blue or green background. Then this feature works like a charm. This impressed me a lot and got the 1st position of my article.
If you are a Youtube channel owner then its great to have this software for video editing. After all its FREE.


Again, Beast feature. Many of you don't know What is color grading? Read ahead you will get to know. Have you noticed that some of the movie scenes look better than the original place? why? This is the reason behind it. They are color optimized and but they use high-end software to do that work. Thankfully this feature is available on this small editing application. You can use this to give any video clip a booming cinematic look. This color grading feature is free in the application and used by most of the Youtubers. Everything is done on your fingertips instantly. Adjust Brightness contrast and lots of more are there, Must try this method.


This is not hidden but its one of the leading feature of Kinemaster. Its name is saying everything. You can use this feature to play multiple video layer at once. Not only video but also multiples layers of images, texts, sticker, overlays, etc. All can be used at the same time. You should have a good smartphone to use these features or it will take time to load. An average smartphone can do your work. This is also easy to use just click on add media icon and select the video you want to add. After that, you can adjust where it will float while playing the video. This looks amazing like a professional. I recommend using this if you have not used this yet.


This is really hidden feature of Kinemaster. Many of user has a small screen smartphone so this will be really helpful for them. And if you have a big screen phone then it will increase your user experience and interest in editing.
You can enable this option from the /Kinemaster setting option by just a click. This feature increase your menu bar area. It doesn't affect your dashboard but if try to add new music or video layer you get a full view of music and videos at once. 


This is one of my favorite features. And the fact is that the name of this feature is also favorites. 
It's nothing but a favorite tab in the menu area. If you edit videos daily then it will be going to help you a lot. But How? When you edit videos daily, first you have to take your videos, pics, logo, intro, music and all standard accessories. But finding them and selecting one by one from other tabs is time-consuming. Here favorite tab comes. You can add all your everyday items in one place. So when editing your videos next time you will able to import your common contents directly without suffering. Don't wait to go add all items to your favorite tab but after reading other facts.


This is a smart feature of Kinemaster. This one allows you to stabilize you audio. Suppose you speaking in a video and later you find that in some part of video your vice is little loud and in some part it's shallow and you want to fix it. So what you will do now? Will you trim that part? Or your record the video again? The simple and best way to fix that use Volume Envelope to make your audio stable with few clicks and swipe actions. You can also use this to fix other loud irritating loud music and make is audible.


This one is beneficial. Again, in this case, 90% of Kinemaster user don't know what is this? And those who know about this they don't know how to use this properly? Actually, this layer pin is used to pin your audio video or images with the given time in the video.
layer pin
Take an example to understand!
Suppose you are editing your video and you want to add a secondary clip before your original video. Now with the help of video layer feature, you added a video successfully but your working audio will automatically move from its place. Here comes you layer pin method. You can you layer pin to pin that audio with the given time so that it didn't move from its original place. You have to pin before adding your second clip. 


This Kinemaster is a legendary application. There are 💯 + features in this app. I will explain other also in the next article. These were the examples of some top and secret feature of this application. In the upcoming days, I will bring the tutorials for each and every feature of the Kinemaster mod apk.

If you want to download this application. You can download this in just a click from here.