Friday, January 25, 2019

Kinemaster Prime Apk Moded | 🔥New Theme and Features | ✅FREE Download Now

Do you want to remove that watermark in the left corner of your editing screen in kinemaster? Are you getting bored with that old theme of kine app? Want new features and free access to everything while editing videos on mobile. Today I'm going to introduce a very new concept i.e. kinemaster Prime Apk Mode which is completely free to download from our site. To get more on this topic keep scrolling.
prime images of kinemaster,kine master pro
A Prime Mode Of Kinemaster

Kinemaster Prime Apk Mode FREE Download

Kinemaster prime apk is the primary version of this android editing software. This is a highly customized application from kinemastermodapk. 

Is FREE download Available?
A Big YES😎!

Why use prime apk?

There are lots of reasons to use prime apk but few of them are really helpful for you guys. The best part is that this version is able to run on a low specs smartphone. I personally tested it on 256 MB ram smartphone. This app was working awesome but, due to low ram rendering speed was little slower than normal. Everything thing was working fine at slow speed. Think about the speed when you use this app with your 2 GB ram phone. This app is also updated with a new theme. Try this app for sure. Download links are below.
You will get free access to the official store of kine master app. This prime apk allows you to add thousands of images and media layers at a single screen. 
So, friends, these are some additional features which you will get in this version. Let's see some of its features.
Kine pro editon
Pro Editon

Silent Features of Kinemaster Prime Apk Mode

  1. All you can get is unlimited layers of video effects, overlays, stickers, png images, text, and hand-written contents.
  2. Ever heard of Kinemaster Asset store, you can get copyright free images effects songs and every item required for your editing.
  3. No frame drops now set your FPS at a fixed number. (like FPS @60)
  4. Select desired Hue, Adjust brightness and control saturation.
  5. Audio filters, including voice changer.
  6. Lots of animation styles to test your creativity.
  7. Speed control for video clips.
  8. Volume envelope scape (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a single clip).
  9. A new concept of Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more).
  10. A unique variety of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects are available in the prime version.
  11. Directly export or Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more.
  12. On spot Real-time video and audio recording.

Supported Formats📹

All Video formats: 

  • MP4 (H.265 Baseline/Ultra High Profile + AAC LC / PCM)
  • 3GP (H.265 Baseline/Ultra Profile + AAC LC / PCM)
  • MOV (H.265 Baseline/Ultra Profile + AAC LC / PCM) 

Available Audio formats in kinemaster:

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • AAC
  • WAV

Almost supports each and every Image formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • BMP
  • GIF(still image only)
Video format while Exporting:

  • MP4 with H.274 + AAC-LC (The H.264 high profile depends on the device specs)

Video Guide on Kinemaster Prime 

Hope Now your All doubts are cleared regarding this android software.

Download From Here

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk Download | 🔥What is Diamond Apk and Why Everyone Use it?

If you are one of them who spent lots of time editing on your android then I'm sure that you have used or heard of kinemaster. Yes, this is the best software which is used for editing in android. Today I am going to reveal a professional version of kine-master i.e. Kinemaster Diamond Apk. This is on a professional level. ✅What is a diamond mod apk? ✅What's new in this? ✅Why most people prefer to use diamond mod apk? To know about all these quarries keep scrolling. ✅Download Now Kinemaster Diamond apk free in the last part. So without wasting, let's get started. Don't forget to read our previous article about How you can edit awesome video in kine master?

kinemaster pro,kinemaster diamond version
Why Use Diamond Apk | Pro Version

 Free Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk

As a YouTuber, I also used to edit videos using this application. You can check my own edited videos at my friend's channel here at HKR016. These sample videos are edited on low specs smartphone. The quality of videos is quite good at 720p on a decent smartphone. Now when you use the diamond version then you can import at a higher resolution. Even at HD 4k also, for that, you also need a high-end smartphone with good specs.

What is Diamond Mod App?

Diamond Mod App is the extended version of the app kinemaster. The application accompanies the precious diamond alike highlights. Which assist the clients with editing their recordings in the most expert way. By now you can easily understand that this is basically for all android users. 

What's New In This?

The main difference is that in the official version you can use limited features. Whereas, In the moded version you can access everything. Basically, to use this app legally you can purchase the app from google play. But, if are on a tight budget then you use the mod version which is available on our site. You can easily download from google dive link.

Main Features which old version lacks are:-

  • First of all, when you open this app you will get a new look that's the blue theme. You can see in the above image.
  • Now you can add unlimited video and image layers. [Limited in old Version]
  • This allows you to edit in 4k Ultra HD @ 60FPS. [For this you need a high specs android device]
  • The best part which each and every user want is no watermark.
  • Additional 3D Transition effects and the fade in or fade out sound settings.
  • You will get full access to use inbuild premium store inside the application itself.
  • You will able to use the live preview. Fix instantly if there are any mistakes in your editing.
  • Export your videos directly anywhere you want.
  • Fast Export[Takes less time]
So, folks, These are additional the basic features of this Kinemaster Diamond Apk. 

Why Most People Prefer To Use This Instead Of Original Version?

After reading the above features, I know you are also going to use this version. The main reason for its popularity is its unbeatable specification. I think that that there is no better app than this for Android users. It provides you with a better quality frame rate (FPS).
This app is now able to produce Xbox and ps4 recording with realistic sound. I tried it on my Xbox and results were better than my expectations. 

Download Kinemaster Diamond Apk Here

Below here are all links from where you will get your desired app.

  1. Download Original Kinemaster Mod Apk.
  2. Download Diamond Apk from Here
  3. Download Kinemaster Prime Apk.


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Thursday, January 17, 2019

6 Top Tips and Tricks for Making Awesome Videos in Kinemaster Pro

Almost 80% of Android users prefer to use kinemaster pro for video editing in android platform. So it is essential to know all tips and tricks of using this most famous android editing applications. So without wasting your time lets get to know all those tips and tricks of using kinemaster. Download Kinemaster Mod Apk For Android.

Tips and Tricks for Making Awesome Videos in Kinemaster Pro

1. That Resolution:
set resolution to 1080p hd
Set your FPS at its Best
 All owners of an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6S Plus can record video film in magnificent 4K (that is an edge size of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels). And it's additionally bolstered on some lead Android telephones. In any case, it can take up a genuine lump of the room — generally 375MB every moment on your gadget's inside memory. For those events when ultra top quality playback isn't imperative, or you're simply coming up short on space, dial down the goals: on iOS. And discover the Photos and Camera choice in Settings. And also on Android open up the Settings board in the stock Camera application. 

2. Time Lapse Movies:
Time lapse video record pics
Time-lapse Record
You also can make one of those beautiful looking time-lapse recordings that routinely manifest on YouTube. Assuming that you don't have to move your telephone for a couple of hours. On the iPhone, you'll discover the timelapse mode by swiping through the modes over the shade catch inside the Camera application; on Android, your alternatives shift contingent upon your telephone. A few handsets (like the Samsung Galaxy S6) bolster a time-lapse mode out of the crate however on the off chance that your telephone doesn't have it you can utilize an outside application. for example, Frame-lapse or Lapse It to carry out the responsibility for you. 

3. Rotate and Mirror Clips:
Rotate mirror clips in kinemaster
Rotate mirror clips in kinemaster
Kinemaster is a standout amongst the most dominant and cleaned video editors you can get for Android gadgets. And among its highlights is a cluster of impacts you can apply to the clasps in your course of events. 

  • Just Tap on an individual clasp 
  • Pick Rotate/Mirroring and you can flip a specific area of your recording or pivot it in 90-degree interims: on the off chance that you've by one way or another shot your video in the wrong introduction
  • The incorrect far up this element can get everything seeming as though it has a place in a similar motion picture.
4. Try Picture-in-Picture effects:
picture in picture effect
A pic in Pic Effect
Another region where Kinemaster exceeds expectations is in its utilization of photographs, video, and image layers. Which empowers you to consolidate various documents together in a similar edge — for use with picture-in-picture impacts, for instance. Click on the Layer catch from the primary dashboard, pick Video or Image (take note of the previous will require an in-application buy), and you can drop in another clasp or picture as an overlay over the current film. Stickers and content can likewise be embedded as extra layers, while the image in-picture impact is accessible as one of the progress choices in Kinemaster as well.

Kinemaster video color effects
Kinemaster Video Color
5. Add Video colors: On the off chance that you've at any point needed to apply Instagram-style shading channels to your video cuts. you're in luckiness: that is actually what Kinemaster gives you a chance to do. Tap the video cut being referred to on the course of events, at that point pick Color Filter to perceive what's on offer: a wide assortment of channels and shading throws are accessible, which can be connected with a tap. On the other hand, select Color Filter from the past menu and you get three sliders empowering you to change splendor, complexity and immersion levels on the fly. When you're content with how your recording is looking, tap on the tick symbol. 

6. Slow Down Scenes: Another convenient element in iMovie for iOS is the choice to back off or accelerate specific clasps. With one chose in the timetable, tap the speed alteration symbol (which resembles a vehicle speedometer) and after that drag the slider in like manner — the application releases you from 1/8x speed as far as possible up to 2x speed, and in light of the fact that the impact can be balanced from clasp to cut you can make some amazing outcomes. To apply the impact to one a player in a clasp, split it into sections first (tap the scissors symbol to see the Split choice).
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Friday, January 11, 2019

Customization in Kinemaster Pro | Download Kinemaster App For PC

Customization in Kinemaster Pro | Download Kinemaster App For PC
Kinemaster Pc Version

Customization in Kinemaster Pro 

The stunning component of Kinemaster mod for PC is that it very well may be redone according to the prerequisites. Keeping the way that this product will be utilized by the corporate individuals for their separate organizations. So they have given the decision for the organizations to make the alterations according to their necessities. This will empower the organizations to have this device according to the organization's needs along these lines giving them the edge over their rivals likewise. 

There is likewise a month to month and yearly membership. Both the plans will give the clients access to the essential highlights. A preliminary model is additionally accessible for nothing yet with restricted highlights and instruments get to. Recordings made in preliminary mode likewise bear the Kinemaster watermark.

Download Kinemaster App For PC (Windows/Mac) 

  1. Establishment utilizing Bluestacks for Windows 
  2. Introduce Bluestacks in your PC. 
  3. In the wake of introducing dispatch it and look for Kinemaster professional video editorial manager in MY APPS catch. 


  1. Sign in to your Google record to download applications from Google Play. 
  2. After login, the Kinemaster establishment process will begin naturally. 
  3. Establishment utilizing Emulator for MAC 
  4. Download and introduce any Android Emulator on MAC. 
  5. Dispatch the Emulator and in the implicit look choice scan for Kinemaster and introduce it. 

In the wake of introducing you will have the capacity to dispatch the Kinemaster mod apk utilizing the Emulator.

Download Link Here

Kinemaster Mod apk Download


The most used editing like Kinemaster has turned out to be progressively famous in the market. As a result of the highlights and their employment. Recordings and pictures are an exceptionally prevalent method of correspondence in this tech-insane world. So individuals are continually hoping to make recordings and pictures to express their sentiments and suppositions. Since recordings and pictures are specialized and they turn out to be progressively viable when they are altered and enhancements are included. Kinemaster is a famous instrument in the market for video and picture adjustments. Kinemaster pics are here at mouth shut.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kinemaster Mod V8 and V6 Download

Kinemaster images
Kine Image

Kinemaster Mod V8 APK Download 

The V8 arrangement of Kinemaster is the sub-variation arrangement of its mod adaptation, where you will see the lineup of the distinctive V arrangement variations, for example, V5, V6, V7, V8, etc.

This V arrangement of Kinemaster has been focused on explicitly to those clients, who would prefer not to purchase the fundamental prime variant of it since they needn't bother with all completely opened highlights of Kinemaster as they can run with some chosen set of highlights.

Kinemaster Pro V6 APK 

It doesn't imply that Mod V8 gets just a couple of principle highlights you will, in any case, get all the real highlights.

  • A portion of those highlights we are posting here underneath. 
  • Video speed modification controls. 
  • Altering the video consistently alongside the moment review. 
  • Video trimming by casing by the edge. 
  • 3D Transition Effects. 
  • Coordinate internet-based life sharing. 
  • Giving different sound channels. 

Here further we are furnishing you with the APK setup connection of Kinemaster Mod V8 or you can get it from their site. Keep in your mind that you should purchase the excellent enrollment of this variant to open all previously mentioned highlights.


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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Disadvantages | Cons of Using Kinemaster On Pc | Download Link Available 🔥

Kinemaster On Pc - Sounds interesting! Should you use kinemaster on your pc!

Welcome back to another informative content of  KinemasterModApk. Hello folks, I am HKR - One of the reputed authors at this site. Today I am going to tell the cons of using this andro-video application. But before that, you should read the advantages of kinemaster. I will tell you why you should not use kinemaster on PC? Yes,😛😮 it's recommended not to use kinemaster on PC using any Android emulators. Here are the set top five things which you can only do on kinemaster only.
Cons of Using Kinemaster On Pc

Cons of Using Kinemaster On PC

Here are all tested and proven tips. Below is mentioned that what are the disadvantages of Using Kinemaster On your laptop or PC.

1. Any kind of editing needs high-end devices specs whether it's 💻 PC or any 📲Android device. If you don't have a high-end Android device then you go and try for Android emulator. 
It's good but you forgot that any type of Android emulators needs high-end pc/laptop specs. If you manage to run on any of the selected emulators to your site then it's going to lag a lot and you will not able to open a single application. So there is no chance of getting good Android editing experience on any emulator with low PC specs. 
So there is no chance that you can edit using kinemaster on PC.

Links to download

  1. kinemaster Mod Apk[GOOGLE DRIVE LINK|Direct Download]
  2. 3rd Party Sites link 

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Monday, December 17, 2018

No. 1 3D Text editor Software for android PixelLab Download without Ads

No. 1 3D Text editor Software for android PixelLab Download without Ads. 
No. 1 3D Text editor Software for android PixelLab Download without Ads
PixelLab Download for Android

No. 1 3D Text editor Software PixelLab Download 

Make excellent texts and background. Designer banners like a pro and By far the best editing app ever, recent improvements really make a difference. I wouldn't have a better editing app with proper image layers. Only thing though, and might I suggest, adding blends (overlay, multiply etc) and adding effects to complete the whole package. Another thing is with the rendering of images. After finishing everything up and saving the image, the colors feel off and it kinda downgrades the quality so I'm hoping for an update to this😼 All in all, fantastic app! you all really outdid yourselves. Here you can download Pixellab mod and free for Android. Download the kinemaster mod apk.

Customization tools Available in PixelLab Android

Here are all types of customization options available in pixellab For example:
  •  3d impact
  • tweak 3d content
  • stroke
  • eradicate shading
  • estimate
  • cushioning
  • color
  • texture
  • transparency
  • pivot
  • cover
  • textual style
  • bend
  • adjust
  • dispersing
  • line dividing
  • shadow
  • internal shadow
  • emblazon
  • 3d turn
  • reflection
  • draw
  • fundamental shapes
  • bezier
  • bolt
  • picture measure
  • vintage
  • clamor
  • strips
  • splendor
  • differentiate
  • tint immersion

Pixellab apk more than 60 alter exceptional choices. You can alter our agreeing. It gives more than 15 foundation impact and can tweak our concurring. This application is equipped with rich tools to make a staggering impact.
3D Text: Make 3D texts and place them on above of your images, or stand them in cool photos
Text effect: Pixellab provides a lot of customization text effects like padding, coloring, stroke, shadow, Emboss, reflection and more.
Text font: you can pick a font your according and also you can be install font your according.
Remove the Background: be a blue background, green background additional, and another color. You can erase any color by select color and erase them.
Image Effect: Pixellab provides a lot of customization in our photo.  You can easily use this effect and customize your photo.
Best Logos Design: By using the pixellab you can make an easily 3D logos.
3D Effect: you can customize a 3D effect of our text.
Logo Maker: you can make a logo with the help of an app.
Click Here to Download

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